“Dieselgate” : Audi suspected to continue to install software misleading in its vehicles

Two and a half years after the outbreak of the ” dieselgate “, Volkswagen (VW) still has not done the cleaning in its past. Once more, it is its subsidiary Audi, which is at the heart of the scandal. The German federal office for the movement of motor vehicles (KBA) suspect that the brand continue to install software misleading in its cars in the recent past. Tuesday, 8 may, he ordered an investigation against some diesel vehicles from the manufacturer, which could be fitted with an illegal software of a new kind. In the early afternoon, Audi has admitted to have interrupted the deliveries of two diesel models recent, to check for ” anomalies in the software of the engine “.

In all, 60 000 vehicles are affected worldwide, of which 33 000 in Germany. It is of the sedan type A6 and A7, with engines V6 TDI, said the ministry of transport. These cars are suspected to contain software that is programmed to disable the system clean-up of the engine in certain situations.

The two models affected are equipped with the treatment systems of exhaust the most recent : a filter that says ” SCR ” (selective catalytic reduction), which converts the emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) into water vapour and harmless nitrogen, by spraying AdBlue, a liquid urea-based. The chemical reaction thus caused can trap a large portion of NOx emissions… as long as you inject enough fluid to the exhaust. And therefore carry a significant amount or go regularly to the full.

This is the point which no doubt influenced the programmers of the software at issue. For that the driver did not fill him-even the AdBlue tank, but to leave it to the mechanic, Audi would have significantly reduced the amount of liquid injected from 2 to 400 kilometres before needing to refuel and ABlue.

During this phase, the…

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