DEXSTR designated “Cool Vendor” 2017 Gartner

Toulouse, France – June 28, 2017 – DEXSTR, editor of innovative software specialized in the management of scientific knowledge, announced it was included in the list of “Cool Vendors in R&D Manufacturing 2017” report published by Gartner in may 2017. DEXSTR is one of the five companies with innovative technology which have been the subject of an in-depth analysis in this report.

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Gartner refers to each year’s new “Cool Vendors” in areas of key technological, and regularly publishes reports evaluating vendors, products or innovative services.

This year, the Gartner report has ” put the emphasis on business R&D digital can now offer real-time access to data in R&D, and operational and with a good knowledge of the field to an unprecedented level. ”

“Our entire team is pleased to have been honored by Gartner, a business research and consulting the most renowned in the IT sector,” says David Peyruc, CEO and founder of DEXSTR. This recognition strengthens us in our approach and in our choice of technology, allowing companies with a R&D complex of digitizing. ”

Companies around the world generate today all the time an immense amount of unstructured data. Inquiro, the management system of scientific knowledge designed by DEXSTR, greatly facilitates the process of digitizing the R&D in transforming this unstructured data into actionable insight. Inquiro combines the powerful features of scientific to innovative technologies such as indexing, automatic generation of metadata, storage, Big Data and analytical tools.

DEXSTR is a publisher of innovative software solutions able to collect, enrich, leverage, and share professional knowledge. Thanks to Inquiro, DEXSTR offers a unique approach to transform scientific data into knowledge. Based on the artificial intelligence combined with ontologies scientific public, the solution Inquiro transforms unstructured data into structured information and actionable. The company was founded in 2014 by experts in bio-informatics with a broad experience in several major pharmaceutical groups, and is based in Toulouse in France. For more information, please visit :

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