Devialet is trying to widen its audience

Always oblong, but with a design more worked, four times smaller than its big sister, and two times more light… Three years after the launch of Phantom, Devialet launches a new speaker is connected, maintaining the fundamentals of its flagship product, but with the ambition this time to reach a wider audience. If the sound of the Phantom Reactor is always ” without clipping, without distortion, and without breath “, is the definition of ” pure sound “, according to its general manager, Franck Lebouchard, the price has been lowered. “990 euros, compared with between 1 500 and 2 000 euros for the Phantom,” said the new leader appointed in the spring by replacing Quentin Sannié, which, in the eyes of the shareholders, was no longer the case. Co-founder of the company, there remains, however, present at the capital.

The main objective of Devialet, get out of a niche audience, that limit its growth. “We are going to double in the next 6 months our distribution network to reach almost 1, 000 points of sale “, explains the officer. The Reactor will find its place in the Uk in Selfridges or John Lewis, in Germany at Gravis or Manor in Switzerland. Until then, these machines were unable to distribute the Phantom, including the high price require spaces of demonstration individuals and showrooms closed. The Reactor will be sold in 60 stores Fnac, compared to 15 at the moment for the Phantom.

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