Deputies suggest to strengthen the protection of strategic industries

The commission of inquiry of the national Assembly on the industrial policy of France was expected to vote, Thursday, April 19, the report, which takes stock of its six-month investigation. It made many recommendations to the government to better protect the florets of the French threatened, and strengthen control over foreign investments in strategic sectors in the wider area.

The commission on the decisions of the State in industrial policy was created in November 2017, the parliamentarians are being moved sales between 2014 and 2017, Alstom-Energy to the american General Electric (GE), Alcatel the Finnish Nokia, STX at the Italian Fincantieri and Alstom-Transports to the German Siemens.

Disposals inevitable for a majority of the members

After a good forty public hearings (ministers, CEOS, unionists, consultants, bankers…), a majority of the members came to the conclusion that these transfers were unavoidable. If the president of the commission, Olivier Marleix (LR, Eure-et-Loir) and some members point to the undeniable loss of sovereignty and of substance-industrial, the rapporteur, Guillaume Kasbarian (LRM, Eure-et-Loir), and a majority of elected representatives feel that these operations have resulted in the birth of european giants in the rail (Alstom-Siemens) and shipbuilding (STX-Fincantieri), the formation of which was inevitable, in response to the chinese offensive.

In addition to measures to drain the savings of the French towards the industry, the commission advocated a “refocusing” of the State shareholder on priorities, in order to protect it better. A balance to find because Paris wants at the same time attract foreign investors. Thus, the commission plan, in compliance with the european rules,” to enlarge the possibilities of creating specific actions (golden share) in strategic companies ” ; or extend…

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