Delta Plus Group won the Grand Prize of the growth companies in 2017

Delta Plus Group, a major player on the market of the Equipment of Individual Protection (E. P. I.), was awarded, in a ceremony bringing together over four hundred participants at the Pavillon d’armenonville in Paris, the trophy of the Grand Prix of growth companies in the “Industry” category.

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Leaders League, in collaboration with the ministry of Economy and Finance, reward the last 4 years, French companies and French border that have experienced a strong increase in their turnover in recent years, and the strategy combines innovation, job creation, collaborative management and social responsibility, societal, and environmental.
This event honors companies of all sizes and in all sectors, with the image of the French economic fabric.

Delta Plus Group was the award in the category of companies in the Industry sector making between 100 million and 1 billion Euros of turnover.
This trophy is the reward for the profitable growth of Delta Plus Group for several years, and the acceleration of its internationalisation, in particular through several acquisitions structuring.

Next publication : Turnover for the 2nd quarter of 2017
Wednesday 26 July 2017, after the market


Delta Plus Group designs, standardizes, manufactures or causes to manufacture and distributes a complete range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Delta Plus Group is listed on compartment B of NYSE-EURONEXT (ISIN : FR0012928612 – Mnémo :DLTA)

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