Delivery drivers and bike strike struggle to create a movement of magnitude

Football world cup requires, they have not stopped pedaling. It is common to come across these “bikers” out of breath, weaving through the traffic to clear a path. The delivery of meals at home are now part of the urban landscape : often in the stop, railing against their high-speed chases, always watching, waiting for the signal that will mark the top start to their next order.

Sunday, July 8, place de la République in Paris, a small thirty of them had gathered to demand better working conditions (through better regulation) and a decent remuneration. At the origin of the mobilization, the Collective of drivers self-parisian (CLAP), created in march 2017, who called the delivery platforms UberEats, Deliveroo, Stuart, Glovo and Foodora to go on strike during the week of July 8 to 15. The collective has also encouraged customers to boycott the platforms, sacrificing, in fact, ” one of the weeks to be the most profitable of the year “.

Sunday 8 July: First round of truck drivers on strike!

— _CLAP75 (@CLAP)

“I want to be recognized, paid well and have a safety ”

In the top of the claims include the application of a” minimum wage net hourly ” guaranteed by the contract. ” Each week, we learn what sauce it will be eaten. I want to prevent the fact that they can change our pay warning us just by e-mail. I want to be recognized, that is to say, be well paid and have a security “, argues Steven, a student of 23 years, “partner courier” for the platform uk Deliveroo for a year and a half.

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