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Malmö, 7 June 2017



Thus, decided in 2015 to build its own capacity for the pilot and prototype production in order to, in the next step to expand the operation to industrial production. After inventory of places of establishment, it was decided to locate the plant at Karlshamn. The industrial and process-oriented environment in Karlshamn, as well as access to a large supplier network, was decisive for the choice of lives.

Deflamo sought and received the initially condition for pilottillverkning of the product in both powder form and liquid form, with the plan to expand to a full environmental permit when greater capacity would be needed.

Patent for a new and verified product, as well as for the own production process, was submitted in 2016, and both applications are since the spring of 2017 be approved.

The current situation

In 2017, the manufacturing process on which the patent application relates to, has undergone a large number of tests. One can now conclude that the s.k. mikrokristallisation pursued work in the intended way and has the intended capacity. The subsequent drying of the pulverprodukt developed for use in plasticized PVC, however, have been considerably more complex than expected and the company can not yet deliver the product in commercial volumes. The current torkutrustningen does not give the solids, of the product, which is needed to deliver the quality Deflamo aspire. Analysis and testing is underway to determine which of several alternative methods which is most beneficial. An alternative is to tilläggsinvestera in the drying equipment. Another option is to modify the pulveregenskaperna which would mean that the existing equipment is sufficient.

The existing pulverprodukten for plasticized PVC are then produced in the past by a contract manufacturer in the Uk with the Deflamo has a close cooperation. Overall, this gives the company the opportunity to fully assess which technology will be the most resource – and cost-efficient, and when and in what extent the investment is made.

The pilot plant is thus as described above, in the present time yet not ready for production of commercial volumes of pulverprodukten for plasticized PVC. However, there are a number of areas, which in the meantime has evolved and been streamlined, among other things.a. on Deflamos liquid-based and powdered products for areas other than plasticized PVC.

  • Development and deployment for the production of all liquid-based products, Apyrum Liquid comprising the product Dried Biofiber, has been implemented with very successful results. Manufacture and supply of these can now occur in commercial quantities.
  • Evaluation of the instant products that can be manufactured today is made by tests for other plastics than plasticized PVC. Several different pulverrecept that the company has developed the latest time should be evaluated in different types of plastics and materials, and where its unique properties are of benefit. Example is the water-based paint and varnish, coating and adhesives.
  • The factory now has good capacity to work with product development, both our own and together with our customers. During the spring, has more than 60 different samples and prototypes are manufactured and evaluated, both in direct customer projects, but also in national and european development projects in which the flame retardant Apyrum included.
  • The plant in Karlshamn, sweden, has taken over, and expanded, the handling of products and materials as previously provided in Malmö, sweden. This has resulted in major improvements to and streamlining of the warehousing and system management and quality analysis and logistics.
  • Installations and procedures have been made in such a way that the business is prepared and has the capacity for significant scale-up in production.
  • During the construction, operations in Karlshamn continuously followed and upgraded the safety precautions and regulations for handling of chemicals, for example for organic acids and bases.
  • Pilotfabriken is currently staffed with a director and an operator, as well as project manager and labbresurs for process and product development.

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About Deflamo

Deflamo is a specialty chemical company that develops, produces and markets environmentally superior flame retardant under the product name Apyrum. Apyrum is a patented, eco-friendly and biodegradable

biodegradable alternatives to dangerous flame retardants that are harmful to the environment and health. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North. Avanza is the company’s Certified Advisor.

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