Defence : Thales wins a mégacontrat in Canada

It is a good start for Thales in Canada. Ottawa has notified Thales a contract in-service support for the retrofitting, repair, maintenance and associated training patrol boats coastal and Arctic (AOPS) and joint support (JSS). Referred to as AJISS, this contract includes an initial service period of eight years to a total amount of up to 800 million canadian dollars (about 540 million euros), and for a maximum period of 35 years, valued at 5.2 billion canadian dollars (approximately 3.5 billion euros. “It is the in-service support contract the most important to the history of Canada,” said the electronics group in a press release published this Thursday.

“As a partner of choice in Canada for AJISS, Thales is committed to supporting local industry to run this program in the decades to come. The
solution in-service support proposed by Thales, will allow the creation of new jobs and ensure the operationality and proper operation of the ship from one end to the other of the country”, explained the director of Thales in Canada, Mark Halinaty.

Thales will save by ordering on 2017 only the “management” of the first part of the contract, for an amount lower than 60 million canadian dollars (about 40 million euros).

$ 170 million in benefits for Canada

This support contract will lead to “a major collaboration with the staff of the royal canadian Navy,” said Thales. The group will work in close collaboration with the support facilities and the personnel of the Navy. During the 35 year period, the contract will generate more than 250 million canadian dollars (approximately € 170 million) of economic impact in the country, including in the field of research and development, promoting initiatives for industrial players and academics in the fields of predictive maintenance, life-cycle management and analysis, logistics support,” said Thales.

Strong 16 years of experience in contract support into service with the royal australian Navy, Thales will transfer its in-service support solutions and its know-how acquired in Australia to Canada. Since 1989, the australian government, the royal australian Navy and local industry trust Thales to manage, maintain and upgrade their ships in the largest dry dock in the southern hemisphere, the Garden Island naval base in Sydney. The model of in-service support Thales has proven its value and has always been exceeded by nearly 30% the objectives of operational readiness. Thales has provided in-service support to the marines of Singapore, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, united arab Emirates and the United States.

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