Data Protection : the local authorities under pressure

This was the subject of an arm-wrestling epic. While a fast-track procedure had been initiated by the government in December to adopt the law transcribing into French law the provisions of the general regulation on data protection (RGPD) – defining the new requirements of the organizations carrying out the processing of personal data and the rights of the users, the Assembly and the Senate have reported a divergence of views pronounced, which have delayed its adoption, acted finally on the 14th of may. Among the main points of contention : the fate of the local authorities, that the senators wished to spare them.

Because of this law, widely seen as a tool to combat the excesses of the business – starting with the giants of the Net – in the use of personal data, also applies to territorial communities (regions, departments, municipalities…). Frightened by the amount of the fines imposed on them the new law (up to € 20 million), the Senate has tried to get a two-year moratorium on the penalties for local government. In vain. “It would have wiped out the balance of the text “, argues the mp LRM Paula Forteza, who has been rapporteur of the text to the assembly.

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