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Gallia Paris, the local beer of Paris since 1890, has chosen Chronotruck to rethink its supply chain by delivering end-clients directly from the place of production. Disappeared in 1970, the brand has made its big return in 2009 with the ambition of once again becoming the beer capital. Thanks to Chronotruck, Gallia 1890 accelerates the project by improving the responsiveness of its shipments and reducing its transport budget to more than 20 %.

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A system that is win – win : fluidity and decrease in price

Chronotruck innovates by digitizing the road freight transport market : simplifying the search of goods to the carriers, and allowing the shippers to find a truck reliable and near real-time, Chronotruck generates significant cost savings that benefit all the actors of the chain. Guillaume Roy, director of Gallia 1890, confirms : “Chronotruck allows you to open up to other markets by facilitating the delivery in a territory much wider. Whereas it was formerly necessary to pass through a distributor and its logistics service, we can now supply our customers directly in the restaurants at the other end of France by paying only the transport via Chronotruck. We have gained independence and responsiveness. The order process is really innovative, it is very simple and it is a new great time-saver. ”

Price transparency and ease-of-use guarantees by Chronotruck are major assets for this beer. “The prices are competitive and consistent : we have the impression to pay the right price,” adds Guillaume Roy. “For people who know little of the transport, Chronotruck protects us by setting the price ! More negotiation with the transporters, what a gain of time ! Everything is fluid, is deposited, is called the carrier when the race is affected to ensure of the last points and it is done. ”

A virtuous circle ensuring increased trust, convenience, and a reduced carbon footprint

The service Chronotruck is in phase with the needs and values of Gallia 1890. “The carriers who come to know where they are going and know sometimes our customers ! These are drivers who return home after having it delivered to Paris. It changes those who do not even know what they charge… This service allows us to reach our customers, and others, live “, continues Guillaume Roy. “Chronotruck handles all of our shipments on pallets, in Paris and in the regions. The service is ultra-fast and the answers are almost instantaneous, depending on the delivery address. The teams Chronotruck are always available even if, finally, we communicate a little because, fortunately, we don’t need. They are there in case of a dispute. ”

For companies that affrètent several hundreds of trucks, Chronotruck save claire, as well as the certainty of reducing its carbon footprint, since the system is based on the geo-location of carriers close to, in situation back, ready to charge. The customers, thus, avoiding to come, especially of vehicles, sometimes a distance of several hundred kilometres in finding the carrier to the nearest appropriate.

“The technology offers undeniable benefits to all. Our ambition is to release the transport of its red tape traditional and thus improve its overall quality, ” concludes Rodolphe Allard, President and co-founder of Chronotruck.

Officially launched in 2016, Chronotruck is the first place to the mobile market of road freight to destination, shippers, and carriers. The start-up has recently announced a fund raising of € 3.5 million, the most important for a series A in this sector, confirming its leading position in Europe.

About Chronotruck

The ambition of Chronotruck is to become the European leader in the reduction of empty trips for the carriers and the reference platform in terms of orders of transport for shippers. The transporters increase their turnover by finding customers close to their vehicles empty. Shippers are lowering their logistics costs by automating the task of chartering and monitoring. Chronotruck was co-founded by Rodolphe Allard, David Botvinik and Matthew Verrecchia, three transportation professionals and the internet.

About Gallia 1890

Gallia Paris is, since 1890, the local beer of Paris. Disappeared in 1970, she made her big comeback in 2009 with the immense project of once again becoming the beer of paris. Guillaume Roy and Jacques Ferté combine to create the company Gallia 1890. Gallia is part of these new actors, who want to rethink the chain of distribution by delivering to the final customers directly from the place of production.

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