Currency – The dollar is advancing on the tensions in Syria

© Reuters. The dollar is advancing on the tensions in Syria – The dollar struggled to advance on Friday, while business uncertainty and tensions in the Middle East have increased.

After that a Russian diplomat has said that the forces of his country were going to shoot down american missiles launched in Syria, the us president, Donald Trump has warned Russia of “preparing” a military action is imminent in response to a chemical attack alleged this weekend.

Trump and his assistants of national security have discussed the american option in Syria on Thursday, but he had doubts by tweeting an attack against Syria “could be very soon or not so soon.”

In addition, Mr. Trump said Thursday that he would accede to the trade agreement the trans-pacific Partnership as if it were an agreement “significantly better” than under former president Barack Obama. Trump had previously announced he was withdrawing from the trade agreement in history.

The dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength versus a weighted basket based on the trade of six major currencies, was down 0.07% to 89,43 at 5: 01 p.m. ET (9: 01 p.m. GMT).

The dollar gained ground against the yen, with USD / JPY rising 0.29% to 107,61. The yen is often sought by investors in times of market turmoil and political tensions.

The euro has increased with EUR / USD rising 0.04% to 1,2331. At the same time, the british pound was higher against the u.s. dollar, with GBP / USD rising 0.39% to 1,4283. The United Kingdom and the european Union will start trade talks next week on how the trade will work after the Brexit, said Thursday the diplomats.

The australian dollar was higher, with AUD / USD rising 0.54% to 0,87794 while the NZD / USD rose 0.15% to 0,7387

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