Currency – GBP/USD is progressing according to figures

© Reuters. GBP/USD is progressing according to figures – The british pound is advancing against the u.s. dollar on Friday, after the publication of figures mixed in the United Kingdom, the sentiment on the greenback remained vulnerable in the face of the new political agitation american.

GBP / USD is gaining 0.32 per cent to 1,3956 at 04:35 AM (08:35 GMT), always close to the lowest of two weeks of 1,3836 on Tuesday.

Data on Friday showed that manufacturing production in the u.k. increased 0.3% in December, in line with expectations, while industrial production fell 1.3%.

Another report showed that the trade deficit in the Uk fell in December to £13.58 billion, while analysts expected that the deficit is reduced 11.50 billion pounds sterling.

The deadline has been exceeded by reason of the speech extended to senator Rand Paul, who is opposed to deficit spending of $ 300 billion in the bill, saying that it ” pillerait the budget “.

The leaders of the us Congress have reached an agreement two-year budget on Wednesday to increase public spending by nearly $ 300 billion.

However, the losses in the greenback should remain limited, yields on u.s. bonds have increased again. The yield on 10-year bonds remains still close to a recent peak of four years on Friday.

The british pound declined against the euro, with EUR / GBP down 0.10% to 0,8793.

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