Copyright : “On the Internet, only the law can guarantee freedom “

Forum. Almost every week, a new case just feed the chronicle of a Internet a threat to democracy. “Fake news”), manipulation of elections, suicide teenagers exposed on social networks, propaganda, jihad, spreading hatred, theft, massive personal data, etc

Adapt the Internet to the democracy, and not the other way around, by effective regulation, this is the site that we had started when I was advisor to the prime minister for the information society, between 1997, when France had fewer than 500 000 internet users, and 2002. It remains, more than ever, the big question.

Some of the actors of the Web deny any responsibility, and are reluctant to provide creators with a decent remuneration, or any compensation

It is at the heart of the proposal for a directive of the european Commission on copyright in the digital single market, which provides greater protection of creators on the Internet. An evolution of the european regulation, which dates from 2000 and is therefore largely obsolete today, appears all the more necessary that the creators are confronted, every day, to the practices of digital platforms, including the sales figures are impressive mainly rely on the use of their works. We’re not talking about most of the sites associative activists of the early days of the Internet, but the first market capitalization in the world.

Some Internet players to deny yet again all responsibility, and are reluctant to provide creators with a decent remuneration, or any compensation. In addition, the absence of a clear legal framework and strengthened creates an unfair competition for those who play the game, such as Spotify or Deezer, in the face of those who strengthen their margins, or their dominant position.

Speech manichean

However, opponents of the project of the Commission, which…

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