Confirmed that the Tories do not get their own majority.

On the morning of Friday it is now quite clear that the conservative party in government the Tories will not get its own majority in the house of commons, and that the party thus loses his current majority.

It reports the british BBC.

The Tories look to get about 318 seats out of a total 650 seats in the british house of commons, while Labour looks set to increase to 262 seats, according to the BBC forecast.

For the Tory part , it looks to be a reduction of 13 seats compared with the current parliament, while Labour looks set to increase by 30 places. Labour looks to get a number of seats less than the previous forecast during the morning.

The scottish nationalist party, SNP, predicted to have 35 seats, which would be a decrease of 21 seats, while the liberal democrats are predicted to get 13 seats, an increase of 5 places. Ukip looks set to lose its only mandate.

In the current parliament had Tories 330 seats, Labour 229 seats, the SNP 54 seats and the liberal democrats nine seats. The government’s ”working majority” has, thus, been 17 mandate, not counting the speakers and Sinn Feins members.

It was in the middle of april as prime minister Theresa May announced the new election. She has previously said that brexitförhandlingarna should not be delayed because of the elections, but begin on 19 June.

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