Completed the new lake nádminősítési map

The days completed in the Balaton-shore investment authority to enable basic document number manufacturer’s new lake nádminősítési map, which is expected from autumn to become effective, the end of the year and the birth of the first lake nádgazdálkodás plan.

Saw Stephen, the Central-transdanubian Water management directorate chief, told MTI that the new map until the entry into force of the 2012 nádminősítési map issued under the authority of the port, partvédőmű, beach and other fields involving investments or cane to the permissions.

The new nádminősítési map and a half years of work, aerial photographs and site inspection is based on. The end of the summer, Balatonfüred, Siofok and Keszthely will be a reconciliation at the lake governments, which is still expected to be some clarification, and subsequently enter into force, and becomes the authority’s licences, basic document of the new map.

The first-, second-, and third-class reed protected, don’t trim them, while the fourth – and ötödosztályú reeds are cut of the environmental and nature conservation authorities, with the involvement of carried out an individual examination will not be allowed.

The water experts pointed out, the approximately 600 square miles of Lake 235 kilometres of coast line on 12 square miles of nádterület is located, the importance of which many times exceeds the regional rate. The lake preserve, for the protection necessary for the long-term reasonable nádgazdálkodás to develop, because the reeds biological, ecological perspective is essential. Important role in the pond material circulation, energy flow, and water quality protection.

The nádgazdálkodás development is also necessary, because the lake’s reeds today, they don’t know themselves to be reformed, as the regulation is changed-water level due to no significant water level fluctuations and wave activity, which is the decomposition of organic material, debris could wash the reed from inside. This decay can be characterised, which in many organisms and could cause the destruction of the putrid sludge produced.

The nádgazdálkodás plan 20-25 years. An important element of the harvest that every three years it is advisable to perform a area. “This can be in accordance with the plan, if we are aware of the reed’s condition. This serves the regular intervals, usually every five years, conducted reeds-mapping, rating, too,” said Saw Stephen. According to the plans of this year is born the first long-term nádgazdálkodás plan, and in the winter nádaratás already on this basis will be carried out.

The specialist also reported that in recent years failed to perform the desirable order of magnitude in the lake nádaratás. The reeds one-third of nature conservation purposes, intact, the rest cut spinning system, it would be advisable to harvest that every three years all the reeds to take place. The annual slaughter area is approximately 270 acres, which has over the years not even half fulfilled, for technical or financial reasons. The difficulties on the one hand, the means, if it’s not cold enough for the Lake, and you can’t harvester with the ice, on the other hand, in recent years, increasingly reduced the profits you demand, now almost completely ceased to exist, that revenue is not the only expenditure to the bog cutter machine has no water the job done commissioning. The purpose available budget is small, this year 3 million huf, from which per hectare is 60 thousand huf paid the harvest is carried entrepreneurs.

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