“Cocoa, for a few peanuts more “

“Kicker and picks up the pods. “The watchword is launched, since 1st October, in the plantations of cocoa in Côte d’ivoire and Ghana. The kick-off of the great harvest has been given in these two countries that produce them only about 60 % of the world’s cocoa. A crucial time for the industry of chocolate.

As every year, the respective governments have set the prices paid to farmers. In Côte d’ivoire, a small increase has been granted to the growers of cacao trees. They will touch 750 CFA francs (1.14 euro) / kg compared to 700 CFA francs a year earlier. The cocoa, for a few peanuts more… compare this to the 7.6 cédis (1,33 euro) per kilo, stable price, set by the Ghana.

Anything to reduce the differential between the two neighbours in an attempt to stem the flow of bags of grain ready to play leap-border wire of the bargain. A sign of the willingness of Côte d’ivoire and Ghana to strengthen their ties. With an ambition to create an ” OPEC for cocoa “, as for the oil-exporting countries. The outbreak of the black gold is spreading.

A taste of guilt

The price of cocoa, also, if is is hot hot early 2018. It is inflamed of nearly 35 % in the first quarter at the New York stock Exchange. A burst of after, it is true, a collapse in the rule, denting the course, as early as June 2016. Today, the ton of brown powder is trading around $ 2,200 (1 913 euros), up 20 % since January. The prospect of a beautiful harvest in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, respectively, expected at 2 million and 877 000 tonnes, has a little cooled the ardor of speculation. Even if the growing appetite of the lovers of sweets, chocolate, suggests a slight shortfall in supply this year.

But gluttony sometimes has a taste of guilt. That bite the most beautiful part of the chocolate bar ? “In the Ivory Coast, only 7% of the value of the finished product back…

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