Clustree has announced a fund raising of A Series of 7 led by Créandum, european fund leader,…

Paris – June 6, 2017 – Clustree, the recommended platform HR for the career management and recruitment, announces the completion of a fund raising Series A of€ 7 million, led by the european investment fund Creandum. Idinvest Partners and Alven Capital, investor in history Clustree, are also involved in the operation. The company uses artificial intelligence to make the HR data internal and external blind to the stereotypes and biases humans with the mission to build a technology solution, providing the decisions are proactive and based on the facts in the service of the recruitment and career development.

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Benedicta of Raphélis Soissan, CEO & Founder of Clustree, comments: “The stereotypes are fast to erect but very long to destroy it. It is because of this that they exist, and Clustree is there to reverse this. We change the lives of people, liberating the Human Resources of their bias. Through the use of our artificial intelligence, we give our customers capable, in a war for talent has become global, to recruit and grow their employees with a career management continues, and is focused on the individual that reveals the potential dormant and maximizes the effectiveness of HR. We are pleased to see that our vision is shared by some of the best VCs europeans, who will bring the skills needed to help Clustree to open up to the world. ”

With business resources and marketing limited, the company has been able to secure multi-year contracts with major international companies. The solution is now used by leading companies in more than 30 countries, such as Orange, Credit Agricole, SNCF, Carrefour and L’oréal, and helps them to drastically reduce their costs of external recruitment and to enhance the engagement of their employees.

The artificial intelligence technology Clustree evolves and learns continuously from 3 different data sets : the HR data external data HR internal customers, and continuous feedback to HR and employees on the recommendations. Existing customers are so convinced by the recommendations that the HR teams now allow the ai to interact directly with the employees for the career coaching.

This fund-raising Series A of€ 7 million will allow the company to develop its sales teams, marketing, R&D and product, to consolidate its position in France, and to prepare its international expansion.

Carl Fritjofsson, Principal at Creandum, comments: “Human Resources represent a substantial market that has not yet been disrupted by technology. Retain and develop talent is a priority for any organization. With the development of artificial intelligence, we now see a new generation of technology solutions will develop to respond to them. Clustree is one of the technologies the most impressive we’ve seen to support the decisions of HR. We believe with force in a future where the human resources will be focused on the data, and Clustree is running the show. ”

Carl Fritjofsson at Creandum and Guillaume Durao at Idinvest Partners will join the board of Clustree to give their advice and support.

Guillaume Durao, Investment Director at Idinvest Partners, adds: “These past 10 years, a lot of departments, like sales, have turned to decision-making based on data. Clustree is now offering this opportunity to the HR with a new-generation solution in talent management. This is what we had strongly attracted as investors. In parallel, with the growing fear that the machines destroy all the jobs, Clustree is an incredible example of an artificial intelligence that allows humans to do their work more efficiently and creates opportunities for development unlimited for the employees. ”

In 2016, Clustree has experienced 230% revenue growth, 100% customer retention, and has been named a Cool Vendor by Gartner has defined Clustree as a single solution thanks to its use of the language processing, machine learning and predictive analysis that is beyond the mere acquisition of talent can support the internal mobility of talent and can cover many issues in HR. ”

About Clustree :
Clustree is a recommended platform that uses artificial intelligence to make the HR data internal and external blind to the stereotypes and biases of humans. Its mission is to build a technology solution, providing the decisions are proactive and based on the facts in the service of the recruitment and career development. The company was founded in 2014 by Benedicta of Raphélis Soissan and has attracted the investment of funds of venture capital recognized in Europe as Creandum, Idinvest and Alven Capital. In 2016, Clustree has been named a Cool Vendor by Gartner. PRESS KIT :

About Creandum :
Creandum is a venture capital fund recognized in Europe, which focuses on companies with innovative technology and strong growth in Europe. The fund Creandum has over€ 400M under management and offices in Stockholm, Berlin and San Francisco. For the past 15 years, Creandum has invested in over 50 companies such as Spotify, Tictail, iZettle, Edgeware and Vivino.
For more information :

About Idinvest Partners :
Idinvest Partners is a recognized player in the Private Equity mid-market in Europe. With nearly 8 billion euros under management, Idinvest Partners has developed several areas of expertise : operations of capital growth in the destination of european companies are young and innovative, debt, private mid-market (will consider senior, senior loan and financing subordinated); investment in primary and secondary, or consulting activity in Private Equity. Created in 1997 under the name AGF Private Equity, Idinvest Partners was a subsidiary of Allianz until 2010, the date on which the company became independent.

About Alven Capital :
Founded in 2000, Alven Capital is a fund of venture capital independent parisian with more than $500M of assets under management. With nearly 100 companies financed since the creation and a quarantine of participations sold, Alven Capital account today some 50 companies in its portfolio. The fund invests in an average of 10 to 15 new cases per year.
Alven Capital mainly supports French entrepreneurs in the areas of digital and new technologies (artificial intelligence, data science, SaaS, Cyber-security, marketplace, etc.). Here are some examples : Algolia, Dataiku, Drivy, Happn, Wit.I (Facebook), CaptainTrain (Trainline/KKR), Bime Analytics (Zendesk), Frichti, Tinyclues, iAdvize, Peopledoc and Wynd.

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