Cloud + DevOps : the winning formula to accelerate its deployment application

According to a recent study, organizations that combine these two approaches to accelerate their deployment, application of 129% in Europe

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Paris, June 22, 2017 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ : CA) presents the results of a study measuring the benefits of combining the methodology of DevOps and the Cloud for businesses. This survey of 1000 it managers from around the world, reveals the performance indicators that argue for the combination of methodologies, DevOps and platforms Cloud. When we know that markets are continually disruptés by new entrants with innovative capabilities above, organizations will be interested on these figures.
Increase of 129% (vs. 81% globally) the performance of deployments of applications (software).
Deployments up to 2.6 times faster (compared to 2 times on average in the rest of the world).
Improvement of 109% of the quality of the software (equivalent to less defects), which greatly exceeded the global average of 66%.
Improvement of 108 % of the customer experience compared to the models of development and deployment of traditional (vs. 69% global average).
Better control of the costs of the tools and services used by the teams DevOps (more than 3 times higher than the world average).
“To succeed, companies irrespective of their sizes or their regions, need to be “designed for change”. This change is manifested today in our clients by a migration to the public cloud for more flexibility, agility and better productivity. We offer the tools, technologies, and services to support this hybrid approach in terms of in-house development. And now, we have the data to demonstrate benefits and value, ” said Ayman Sayed, President and Director of products at CA Technologies.

To meet the needs of end customers, CA offers a number of solutions adapted to the new requirements of development and deployment.

These innovations around micro-services and architectures based on containers promote modernization processes using, among other advanced features self-learning (machine learning) analysis and decision making (insights).

In this context, CA Technologies recommends that you combine several approaches linked to the concept of “Modern” Software Factory “(factory modern software) that will allow the companies to adapt continuously to customers ‘ needs :
Agile Management – These solutions help align to the business strategy, the actions of the teams, in an autonomous way. Methodologies Scrum and Kanban offer organizations unprecedented flexibility in their process. They have better visibility and can ensure compliance with their directions and strategies.
API Management – These solutions support the full life cycle management API for the modern architectures, as well as the creation of micro-services.
Analytics – analytics solutions provide visibility at each stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) in order to speed up the process. They are essential to ensure the orchestration of the whole chain of delivery of software using a single view (planning, management, agile, performance testing, automation, operations management). These offers also provide for the supervision of the end users, applications, and infrastructure. Companies can improve the customer experience by using information, strategic and operational.
Management of mainframes and Automation integrated These solutions rely on the capacities of auto-learning to generate the operational data and the threshold dynamics can be adjusted in real-time. These solutions are designed to detect abnormalities in the level of performance in upstream, and automate corrective actions to help avoid breakdowns and other slowdowns of mission-critical systems.
DevSecOps – The security is the subject of special attention throughout the cycle software. In fact, by detecting and anticipating problems throughout the development process, companies can limit the risk linked to the main source of vulnerabilities : attacks at the application layer.
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Methodology of the study
This study was conducted in march 2017 by the firm Freeform Dynamics for the account of CA Technologies from 929 managers computer. This sample was selected within large companies generating between $ 100 million and more than $ 1 billion in revenue. Respondents from companies of 10 countries in the world (including 4 countries of the Europe zone) and 10 different sectors of activity. The 4 countries of the Europe are the Uk, France, Germany and Italy.

About CA Technologies
CA Technologies provides software that helps companies operate their digital transformation. In all sectors, the business models of firms are redefined by the applications. Everywhere, an application that serves as an interface between a company and a user. CA Technologies helps these companies to seize the opportunities created by this digital revolution and to navigate in the Economics of the Applications. Thanks to its software to plan, develop, manage the performance and security of applications, CA Technologies is helping these businesses to become more productive, provide a better quality of experience to their users and open up new sources of growth and competitiveness in all environments : Mobile, Cloud, Distributed and Mainframe. For more information :

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