China will strongly defend its national interests, and doubt of the sincerity of US

The rhetoric of chinese in the framework of the trade conflict with the United States is increasingly strong, as evidenced by comments from the chinese ministry of Commerce Thursday morning.

It has in effect declared that the US must respond to the concerns of the chinese to reach an agreement, stressing also that it is the consumers in the US pay tariffs, and that in the end, the United States will themselves be affected by the impact of the tariffs.

China also reiterated that it ” will strongly defend its national interest “, believing that ” the sincerity of the United States is in doubt “, with “contradictory messages on the discussion “commercial” from the US side.

The voltage therefore remains lively between the United States and China, in the context of a conflict that seems increasingly to go beyond the commercial.

Without doubt, it is this that suggests the the chinese ministry of Commerce in “doubting the sincerity” of the USA. In fact, an idea more prevalent in China is that the trade war Trump would only be a pretext to undermine the development of China, for fear that the USA will lose their status as a first world power.

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