China: The stock markets end up; index Shanghai Composite gaining 2.22 percent

China: The stock markets have finished the session higher on Monday; the progress of the sectors of Hardware and technological equipment, Technology, and computer Software and services contributed to this increase.

In closing to Shanghai, the index Shanghai Composite has taken a 2.22 percent, signing a highest of one month, while the index SZSE Component has registered an increase of 3.84%.

The best performance of the session for the index Shanghai Composite is to be put to the credit of the title of Jiangsu Jingshen Salt&Chemical Industry Co Ltd (SS:603299) up to 10,07%, or 0,680 points for a closing price of 7,430. In the second position, we find Chahua Modern Housewares Co Ltd (SS:603615) and win 10.04 per cent, 1.04 percentage points for a closing 11.40. The title Inesa Smart Tech Inc A (SS:600602) completes the top three with an increase of 10.04 per cent is 0,770 points for a end of the session, to 8,440.

Hareon Solar Technology Co Ltd (SS:600401) sign the worst performance of the session, losing 6.25% to a maximum either of 0.010 points for a closing price of 0.150. Lotus Health Group-Co (SS:600186) gives up 5.08 per cent either 0,090 points and end at 1,680. For its part, Gangtai Holdin ‘ out (SS:600687) loose 4,89% either 0,110 points for a closing price of 2,140.

The best performance of the index, SZSE Component to return to Shanxi Meijin Energy Co Ltd (SZ:000723), which won 10,05% for a course of 11.50, China Great Wall Securities Co Ltd Class A (SZ:002939) increase of 10.01% to 18,36 and Shenzhen Everwin Precision Tech (SZ:300115) who wins 10,01% for a closing price at 11,54.

The values of the less powerful are Hunan Gold Corp Ltd (SZ:002155) declined 3.87% to 9,68 in closing, Jl Mag Rare-Earth Co Ltd Class A (SZ:300748) who loses 3,51% to 57,97 and Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co Ltd (SZ:000157), a decrease of 3.16% to 5,82 in close.

The titles on the rise and have exceeded the number of titles down to the Shanghai stock Exchange by 1435 values to 40 and 9 stable.

Securities China Great Wall Securities Co Ltd Class A (SZ:002939) increased and reached a historical high, thanks to a rise of 10.01%, that is, at 1.67 points for a course of 18,36.

The CBOE China Etf Volatility index, which measures the implied volatility of options on the index the Shanghai Composite, has remained stable at 0.00% up to 22.56.

On the other hand, the gold for delivery in August lost 1.76 percent is 24,95 points, to $1.388,75 a troy ounce. Regarding other raw materials, crude oil for delivery in August rose 2.98% $ 1.74 points for a $60,21 barrel, while Brent crude for delivery in September gained 2,97%, that is, with 1.92 points for a $66,66 per barrel.

The pair USD/CNY has seen a decrease of 0.30% to 6,8444, while the pair EUR/CNY has declined by 0.71% to 7,7503.

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