China on the point of depriving the United States of rare earths?

according To a tweet from the editor of the chinese newspaper Global Times, very followed within the framework of the trade war is because supposed to offer a window on the chinese official position, China ” would consider seriously to restrict the exports of rare earths to the United States.

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The rise in tensions has raised concerns for several weeks that Beijing does not use its dominant position as a producer of rare earths as a lever in the trade war against the United States.

The rare earths are a group of 17 chemical elements used in consumer electronics and high-tech military equipment, no substitutes possible, and, therefore, of which the regular supply is vital for many industries.

“From what I know, China is seriously considering restricting exports of rare earths to the United States. China could also take other counter-measures in the future, ” wrote Hu Xijin on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) :

Remember that the chinese president Xi Jinping has visited a company of rare earths in southern China last week, which led to speculations that the visit of Xi is a subtle threat, stating that China was planning to use rare earths as a weapon in the trade war.

Note that China accounts for 80 % of imports US rare earths over the period 2014 and 2017, and that it would be difficult for the Usa to pass from the source chinese without a period of supply disruption, which could have economic consequences and strategic importance.

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