China is not interested in the resumption of negotiations in the face of the lack of sincerity of the USA

( – According to the chinese press, China has reported a lack of interest for the resumption of trade negotiations with the United States, despite the threat of tariffs additional, and the government has stated that the stimulus measures will be intensified to support the national economy and mitigate the impact of the trade war.

Moreover, in the absence of new measures, which show that the United States are sincere, there is no need for the negotiators US to travel in China, according to a comment on the blog Taoran Notes, known to convey the message of the chinese government on local social networking.

The national Commission for development and reform commission is studying the impact of the us tariff and will ensure that the growth is maintained in a ” reasonable range “, also said the spokesman Meng Wei at a press conference today in Beijing.

The United States have put forward their willingness to continue the negotiations, but in the meantime, they played “little games to disrupt the atmosphere,” according to the comment Thursday night, referring to the banning of Huawei USA, which has a clear link with the conflict with China, although this is the national security has been invoked.

“We do not believe that the United States should demonstrate a high sincerity to advance the talks. On the contrary, they apply a pressure to the extreme and growing, ” wrote the blog.

“If the United States ignore the will of the chinese people, they will probably not be an effective response on the part of the Chinese,” he added.

Recall that the u.s. secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said this week that u.s. officials “will very likely be in Beijing in the near future” to continue the trade negotiations, before saying later that ” I do not yet intend to go to China “, which has been confirmed by the chinese ministry of Commerce yesterday who claimed not to be aware of any visits of the negotiators US.

Therefore, it seems increasingly clear that the negotiations China-USA are at the point of death, and if China does indeed make any more step forward towards the United States in the context of these negotiations, there’s a good chance that Donald Trump will put soon in execution his threat of taxing a new tranche of 300 Bn USD of chinese products.

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