“China is becoming the factory to the world innovation “

Forum. The rebirth of the Middle kingdom as ” the ” economic power in the world. The vision of Xi Jinping for China is very clear. And the 19th congress of the communist Party, which opened Wednesday, October 18, to secure the cape town political and especially economic the next five years, should confirm the strategy of an industrial policy is extremely ambitious, which puts the real economy at the heart of the ” dream chinese “.

In recent decades, China has radically changed its position. On the plane of international relations, she has been actively involved in multilateralism. Its market which, although still directed by the State, is open.

But China is seeking to forge its own path. Xi Jinping has always been critical of the liberal economic system, in particular american. Very early, he sought to fight against financial speculation in real estate. He now takes a stand against the crypto-currencies, and seeks to stop the capital flight out of China.

Party in favour of the real economy

All of this is part of the same belief, according to which the financial sector should support the real economy, and must not feed the speculative bubbles, or as clever financial arrangements abroad. A belief all the more strong that it is accompanied by an overall debt in china of more than 20 000 billion euros, representing 250 % of GDP. The “mastery” of the debt is therefore a matter of survival…

To achieve this “third way” chinese capitalism, freed of its bubbles, the priorities of Xi Jinping are obvious : urban development, environmental technology, energy, mobility, logistics and infrastructure.

Never before has the government has also clearly taken sides in favour of the real economy. The financial sector chinese invests in SMES and caters to the rural areas in the capital….

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