China emphasizes that its requirements have not changed for a deal with Trump

This morning, the South China Morning Post revealed that according to its sources, a truce in the trade war China-USA would have more or less already been decided, before even meeting Trump-Xi scheduled for Saturday.

And if these rumors are consistent with statements US optimistic yesterday, it does not really echo in the camp are in chinese.

Bloomberg reports that a spokesman for the chinese government today said that there is no change to the conditions of China to conclude a trade agreement with the United States.

He also reiterated the three demands made by the vice-prime minister Liu He in may.

To reach an agreement, the United States must remove all the rights of an additional duty, to set goals for the purchases of chinese goods according to the actual demand, and to ensure that the text of the agreement to be “balanced” to ensure the “dignity” of the two nations.

“We hope the u.s. side will abandon his evil practices, and that we will be able to solve the problems through dialogue and cooperation on an equal footing,” said Mr Gao.

It should also be noted that the spokesperson of the ministry of foreign Affairs, Geng Shuang, said today to journalists in Beijing that ” the threat of the United States added tariffs that may not scare China “.

These statements suggest, therefore, think that there are still many points to be clarified before an agreement is possible according to the China. At least as far as when the negotiations failed in early may… so It seems that the uncertainty will continue to dominate until the time of the declaration, which will be released Saturday following the meeting between the two leaders.

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