Cats and dogs, a business in the hair

At the Salon of agriculture, which opened its doors on Saturday, February 24, the public press, not only to admire the cows, but also to discover the prowess of the shorthaired Auvergne, spaniels bretons and other bichon frisés; all vying for the gold medal at the agricultural competition dog. And it comes in mass to follow as the selection of the feline best representative of the breed abyssinian, british shorthair or Persian. Also duly medalist.

“The contest focuses on a morphological selection to determine the animal most close to the standard of the breed or a selection of behavioral for working dogs or pets. They are very important for the farmers “, explains André Varlet, the director of the Société centrale canine. It is estimated the number of breeders canine professionals to 15 000 in France, and births to 700 000 per year, of which 250 000 dogs of the breed.

In 2017, three sheepdogs have monopolized the podium. Belgian shepherds, aussies and germans have provided the largest contingent of puppies. Follow the golden retrievers, bull terriers, chihuahuas, labradors or king-charles. It was not until the tenth position to find a French race, in this case the bulldog.

“France is the first country in the world in terms of dog breeds by its tradition of hunting and its geographic diversity,” said Mr. Varlet. But on the fifty-five listed, forty-nine are classified as vulnerable because their numbers were decreasing, like the barbet, or the braque of the Ariège.

The animal, ” quasi-symbol of wealth ”

Even if they choose not to breed hexagonal, constrained by the size of the housing or influenced by the modes, the French have the heart that beats for pets. According to the institute for the study of Xerfi, a French household on two now has a pet, which…

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