Case Bolloré: the guinean president Alpha Condé wants to lodge a complaint in Paris

“I’m going to lodge a complaint in Paris for slanderous denunciation”, has launched without more details Alpha Condé, still shouting, dozens of journalists gathered in the house of the press in Conakry on the occasion of the world day for the freedom of the press. The guinean president, 80 years of age and deemed to be close to the billionaire French, had not yet expressed since the review resounding on April 25, of Vincent Bolloré. The former opponent of history, elected in 2010, did not specify against whom he intended to file a complaint. But he sharply criticized the guinean press to not have played his role to “defend the country”.

“You never protested when you tell stories about your country because you continue to misinform the population. It is in Paris that we are going to explain because none of you has tried to find out here the truth”, has launched Mr. Condé.

President Condé had been terminated on 8 march 2011 by decree of the convention of concession of the terminal in the port of Conakry awarded in 2008 to 25 years to Getma, a subsidiary of French shipowner NCT Necotrans, to give to the Bolloré group.

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“Corruption of foreign agents”

The French magistrates who have indicted Mr. Bolloré in particular to “corruption of foreign agents” are trying to determine if the group has used the activities of political council of its subsidiary Havas to get the management of the ports of Conakry and Lomé (Togo) via another of its subsidiaries, Bolloré Africa Logistics, formerly known as SDV. SDV had been awarded the management concession in Lome shortly before the election in 2010 of the togolese president Faure Gnassingbé, who is advised in his campaign by Havas, as Alpha Condé in Guinea.

On 26 April, the national Commission of administrative investigation in guinea has denied at a press conference any involvement of Alpha Condé in the granting of the container terminal at Conakry in the Bolloré Group.

The minister guinean Justice, Cheick Sako, had assured the same day that Guinea would “cooperate with France” in this case.

The Bolloré group has denied these charges, arguing that “concessions obtained in Togo have been in 2001, well before the entry of the group Havas, and in Guinea, in 2011, following the failure of the no. 1 (the group having arrived in second position at the time of this call for tender), failure observed before the election of the” president Condé.

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