Carrefour has set up a system of traceability of food

To stand out from the competition and promote its new image of distributor is responsible, that wishes to reward its CEO, Alexandre Bompard, Carrefour announces, Tuesday 6 march, the launch of the first blockchain (transmission of information without an intermediary) food of Europe the chain of whole chickens are sold under its own brand. The sign will extend this technology to eight other channels by the end of 2018.

In practical terms, consumers will have access to a complete file of traceability by scanning using a smartphone a barcode, two-dimensional (QR code) displayed on the packaging. There will be mentioned the date of birth of the chicken, the farm and the name of his breeder, the date of slaughter, but also its veterinary treatments, and other information allowing to trace the life of the poultry present in the plate.

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