Car sharing between travelers : the solution of this summer

In the Face of the gridlock of airports and train stations in the south of France, TravelCar, the world’s leading car sharing between travelers, offers a solution to double-parking alternative that benefits both to individuals and professionals.

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TravelCar the parking solution alternative for individuals …

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The summer holidays approaching, the cities of the South of France always attract more people. Result : cities such as Avignon, Aix, etc-are overwhelmed by the large number of individual vehicles. As a result, the railway station and airport are in a situation of over-revving and the car parks are saturated.

Some vacationers will pay for the guarding of cars at high prices – from an average of 200€ for two weeks, while the average budget of French planned for this summer is estimated to be 936€.

The budget of the French decreasing again this year, the goal is to save money. The result :
30 % of the French will not go away this summer,
28 % will reduce the duration of their holiday,
26 % will cut back on recreation,
and 16 % find the great deals.
The other will not have other choice than to park in the parking lot of wild, to save the parking, with the nuisance that is known for the local inhabitants and the uncertainties of finding his vehicle for the owner.

TravelCar offers a parking solution alternative system to conventional parking, which is currently facing a large space. Instead of paying the parking at the high price, it may be free if the owner is willing to share his vehicle in his / her absence to other travelers. Insured for all risks by the MAIF and supported by the agents TravelCar of the car, these cars are the subject of a state of affairs meticulous, time of departure and arrival.

If the owner does not wish to rent his or her vehicle or, if it is not eligible for the free parking, he can receive a place is vacant in a secure car park 24 hour/7 days a week, from 40 to 70% less expensive, connected to the airport and in town centres by a free shuttle.

Some owners have realized that. In Avignon, for example, the price of parking from the TGV train station is at 199€ per month and the delays of the trains are charged in 2/3 of the cases. Passing by TravelCar, the price of parking would come to 108€ per month (3.50€/day), a savings of nearly 50%. The nîmes inhabitants prefer them to also make a few kilometers more to not pay too dearly for the parking. In fact, the proposed price is 3 times cheaper and the places available are more numerous.

… and professionals who benefit from innovative services

TravelCar offers not only a complementary solution to parking to individuals, but also professionals of the car parks that undergo the inconvenience of traffic congestion.

In fact, with TravelCar, the managers of car parks in the airports and railway stations can provide car-sharing to their clients : not only is this solution generates a new income but also frees up car parking spaces to be able to offer them again.

The leader of the car-sharing offers a service beneficial to professionals and individuals.
To reward this innovative strategy which is both economical and eco-friendly, the region Ile-de-France has handed over to Ahmed Mhiri, CEO of TravelCar, the Ace of innovation 2017 June 15 on the occasion of the opening night of the Paris Air Forum.

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About TravelCar
Integrated with the movement of collaborative consumption since the end of 2012, TravelCar offers vehicle users a solution based on solidarity and eco-friendly : it saves them the costs of parking in airports, train stations and city centres in France and Europe and now in the United States. By offering his car to the lease during his / her absence or when he does not need it, the owner of the shared hosting and allows a tenant to take advantage of a vehicle. This approach is also synonymous with cost savings for the tenant, because the rates of TravelCar are on average 50% cheaper than those charged by the rental agencies the traditional. Finally, for people not wanting to share their vehicle, TravelCar offers parking classic up to 50% less expensive than the parking official. TravelCar has over 500 000 users, is present in 30 countries, and continues, with a show of 15 million euros by February 2017 to extend its service in the world.
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