CAPELLI : Reinventing the Seine : Raising the curtain on the project the Trays of the Seine

The call for projects launched in 2016 by the cities of Paris, Rouen and Le Havre around “Reinventing the Seine” had a great success : 174 teams from around the world competed for ideas to create new uses for the 35 sites distributed along the Axis Seine. After a selection phase, 72 teams have been selected.

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The grouping for multi-disciplinary Plateaus of the Seine, carried by the studio of the architect of the franco-british Andrew Todd, is part of 4 finalists chosen to reinvent the Place Mazas, one of the flagship locations of the 35 sites.

At the heart of his project ?

A constructive approach, ecological, social and innovative, which finds its full expression in the construction of a theater dedicated to young companies, the nerve centre of its proposal.

“We see the theatre as a paradigm for our own work, but also for a system of values that has implications for social and ecological important. With the Trays of the Seine, we uphold the ambition of providing all of the energy federative, social, creative, and full of hope embodied by the popular theatre of young companies, ” Andrew Todd.

The place Mazas, the requirement of originality for a place to share

The place Mazas enjoys a privileged location and strategic at the junction of the canal Saint-Martin and the Seine, just a few minutes walk of the major urban centres that are the place de la Bastille, the train stations of Lyon and Austerlitz. The vast space of 5 000 m2, the site overlooks the river, offering unobstructed views of the port de l’arsenal and the Bastille, the jardin des Plantes, ile Saint-Louis and Notre-Dame. It is bounded by major structures : the viaduct of the subway and the path Mazas side Seine, the lock of the Arsenal, the bridge Morland and quai de la Rapée, as well as the bridge of Austerlitz.

The place Mazas did not now of vocation clear : the junction between the 4th and
12th arrondissements, between the railway stations of Austerlitz and Lyon, the space is marked by the presence of transport infrastructure.

His immediate environment is mixed, combining housing, offices, activities, cultural venues, public spaces. Below is the marina of the Arsenal used by both Parisians and international tourists.

This context is likely to evolve in the coming years with several projects : the closure to automobile traffic of the road on the banks right bank, the redevelopment of the place de la Bastille, the creation of two bus lines high service level (along the quays of the Seine and the ring road, railway stations), of which the point of correspondence will be in the vicinity of the place Mazas. These projects will deeply soothe the public spaces, mitigate the nuisance related to the presence of motor current and allow the inhabitants to reappropriate the Banks.

The Trays of the Seine, in project plural creator links

The studio Andrew Todd, in collaboration with, inter alia, the Promoter Capelli and man of the theatre, Augustin Billetdoux, proposes to create a centre of life and of residence, to recharacterize a place that now seems locked and abandoned, despite its exceptional situation.

It involves building a complex, mixed-use, consisting of modules of wood stacked like containers and planted with trees, housing units, businesses, spaces, offices and a theatre : a “place that is open, warm, self-funded and versatile”.

This building will present as a stand of three-story-tall, long 145 m, transparent, with multiple entries and opening major to the subway, which will bring harmony to the current set of programs of a mixed bag. The ground floor will host the public spaces : retail shops, restaurants, the hosting of an association of social rehabilitation. It is also on the ground floor that will take place in the space dedicated to the theatre, flexible structure, and adaptable, a structure is voluntarily living.

The public space and the foyer of the theatre – open day and night – will not be simple vacant land : they are arranged and animated, changing character according to the constructs ephemeral which respond to the seasons.

At one end of this stand, stairway public monumental will be built that will span the foyer of the theatre reaching a plateau panoramic of 1500 m2, a real hanging garden with a view of the Jardin des Plantes, the Seine and the bassin of the Arsenal. It will offer a vast space of wandering and animation to 10 metres above the platforms that will bring together visually the aquatic elements key to this complex site. It will act as the Highline in New York, revealing urban.

Above this base (and party in) will be 60 units, from studio up to R+6, which are arranged stadium-style, featuring terraces with a view on Notre Dame.

An exemplary project in terms of eco-construction

The Studio Andrew Todd is recognized for his innovative approach to wood construction. A know-how that puts it fully in the work with the Trays of the Seine.

The entire superstructure of the building will be timber : a clear bias to Andrew Todd, who seeks environmental excellence. This generates a very low grey energy compared to a building in concrete or metal, and a mass storage of carbon in the structure. This was in addition to the healthiness of the material, which regulates humidity naturally, and allows a simple maintenance according to the needs. The vegetation provided of the terraces contributes to the clean-up and cooling of urban air. With its south-west facade and parts of the roof in solar panels, sharing of local techniques to the optimal management and reduced consumption (use of wood floors/concrete for better thermal inertia, glass parts hidden, harvesting rainwater for the vegetation of the terraces, etc), this building will be at the forefront of what is both possible and necessary to meet the challenge of the COP 21.

About Groupe CAPELLI

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