Buy Trelleborg, sweden and RaySearch in the latest issue of Börsveckan.

Börsveckan offers two buy recommendations and a lot of avvaktaråd this week.

The following is a summary of the latest release, this year’s number 23.

Trelleborg – Buy

Trelleborg has made an impressive lönsamhetsresa the past few years, according to Börsveckan. With an increasingly stronger market sees the newspaper that there is more to gain in the share price, despite a nice share price rise since the Börsveckans latest buying advice in november.

Lifco – Wait And See

Lifco has started the year very strongly. Börsveckan like the company but think the stock looks somewhat pricey.

IAR – Wait and see

IAR had a good 2016 and so far, 2017 promising. In the short term there are some question marks but in the longer term is IAR a good investment, according to Börsveckan.

Raysearch – Buy

Since the launch of the mjukvaruplattformen Raystation has the company gone from strength to strength. The growth rate has been high and margins are rising. Börsveckan don’t see any slowdown so far.

Tagmaster – Wait And See

Teknikbolaget acquires diligently and has a product portfolio is the right time. But one with some question marks surrounding the latest acquisition will see the valuation is relatively high, according to Börsveckan.

West International – Wait And See

West International seems to have gained momentum during the beginning of the year. Both the order backlog and gross margin bodes well. Trade in the share is, however, very limited and the course has also been very strong the last time.

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