Buy Tobii, Qliro, and Oncopeptides in the latest issue of the Business world.

Buy Tobii, Qliro, and Oncopeptides but wait with FM Mattson to recommend to the Business world to its readers in this week’s edition.

Ögonstyrningsbolaget Tobii has had two swinging years on the stockholm stock exchange. Since introduction, the share price experienced both highs and lows. The course has almost halved after its last increase in years with a kursras of around 35 per cent. The business community can, however, see Tobii as an exciting holdings in a long-term portfolio and recommend the purchase.

The E-commerce company Qliro can after a share price increase of over 75 per cent take vinnarpallen on the stock exchange. This is mainly due to the sale of the unprofitable Lekmer, previously charged to operating income. Qliro has also obtained a licence as a bank and can thus launch the QFS in Norway. The magazine recommends buying up to riktkursen 20 sek on a one-year term.

Läkemedelsutvecklaren Oncopeptides went public earlier in the year, and went thus into 650 million. Among storägarna is the venture capital company Healthcap, and the state industrial development fund. The company’s future success depends on a marketing approval. The council that is given is the purchase of Oncopeptides.

FM Mattson, which manufactures food and taps, holds a strong grip with a 61 percent market share in the mixer in Sweden. The group has set a goal to have at least 10 percent operating margin over a business cycle, something that it has not been close to achieving so far. The company has an unclear future, and the magazine’s recommendation will be to wait.

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