Buy Investor, Tomra, wait Systemair in the latest issue of the Business world.

The business community recommends the purchase of the Investor, Tomra and Christian Berner Tech Trade. For ventilationsbolaget Systemair has riktkursen passed and it is thus to be expected.

  • Investor reach companies outside the stock exchange, and thus a svårkopierad investment strategy. Business find Investor is a good long-term savings product, compared with the passive Swedish storbolagsindex and recommend buy with a target price of 525 sek (Tuesday’s closing price: 408:60 sek).
  • Tomra, which manufactures machines for the recycling of beverage containers, traded around record levels at the Oslo stock exchange. In spite of this, the world of Business a large upside potential and sets a target price of 119 Norwegian krone (against Tuesday’s closing price of 101 dollars). Köprekommendationen is based on good global growth opportunities.
  • Christian Berner Tech Trade distinguishes itself in the market by its small size. Teknikhandelsföretaget is attractive in its modest valuation and strong operating tailwinds, writes the Business world. A trigger of course, is its acquisition opportunities and the world of Business puts buy recommendation and a target price of $ 24 (Tuesday’s closing price: sek 19).
  • Systemair is according to Business in a uppstädningsfas after the many acquisitions in Europe. Ventilationsbolaget has passed for the year, previous price target of 142 krona (Tuesday: 150:50), and, therefore, becomes recommendation to wait.

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