Buy DDM, Storebrand and Protector in the latest issue of Börsveckan.

Buy DDM, Storebrand and Protector but wait with Evolution Gaming, Gjensidige and Malmberg.

It is the magazine Börsveckans recommendations in the latest issue.

DDM get a buying advice. To collect overdue receivables in Eastern europe is not entirely risk-free, but operate their cards right there is a there is profit potential, points out, Börsveckan, DDM has been active in these regions for many years and looks interesting in the category of högriskaktier, the magazine writes.

The Norwegian insurance company Storebrand has for many years strengthened the balance sheet with higher reserve requirements and bopaget is now back close to balance. In addition, profitability has turned up. With a strong balance sheet the shares attractive, despite a hefty rise in the value, and the Börsveckan provides buying advice.

Also another Norwegian insurance companies may purchase recommendation: the fastest-growing brand Protector that has been the industry’s kursraket the last few years. The sway properly a year ago but the company was flyhänt in to fend off the problems and the trend is pointing again in the right direction.

In relation to the competition has the Norwegian insurance company Gjensidige a competitive ratio and a good return on equity. Gjensidige is also a high-quality companies, but unfortunately, the valuation is in line with this, and the council will await on the share.

Börsveckan have always had the buy at Evolution Gaming, but lowers the now council to wait. Evolution Gaming can be the stock market’s best gaming companies but at the current valuation it is not the best the share, consider the paper. The upside looks limited in today’s valuation, and even if Börsveckan like share strong so will be the investment decision to get off in the day, in all the cases, temporarily, called it.

Börsveckan has also made a compilation of the game companies ‘reports for the second quarter and also mapped the operators’ revenue together with the news in the last month.

For Malmberg’s put the recommendation to wait. The company has not kept pace with construction activity up, which is ominous. Despite a good dividend yield and valutmedvind waives the magazine from the stock.

Börsveckan make no changes in BV-portfolio this week.

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