Buy Balder, Itab, Duroc but wait Troax according to the latest issue of the Business world.

Buy Balder, Itab and Duroc but wait with Troax, is the world of Business in this week’s issue.

The property company Balder get buying advice as a long-term savings share. In the short term, it puts the newspaper a one-year price target to 280, 30 per cent over Wednesday’s closing price.

Also for butiksinredaren Itab will be the recommendation buy and a price target of 81 sek stated. It accounts for over 25 per cent in the kurspotential for the share that was trading above 80-sek level in the beginning of 2017.

The industrial conglomerate Durocs share is likely to have more to give, purchase with a view on the 35 crowns from the one-year perspective. The magazine finds around 30 per cent of kurspotential even in this share.

Robotstängselbolaget Troax multiples is, however, well turned up because the stock market has aside from the cyclical element of the business. Wait at the current level.

”It is enough with a rapportbesvikelse or hefty decline on the stock market where tillväxtmultiplarna generally screwed down to Troax can fall pretty much from the current level. It is worth to wait for a better input mode for the next year”, writes the Business world.

The magazine also makes a few changes in his portfolio and takes into Eastnine, formerly of East Capital Explorer, and the Danish IC Group.

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