Buy AQ Group, the IPC, but the sales of Eltel and wait with Alfa Laval in the latest issue of the Swedish shareholders ‘ association.

Sell Eltel and buy the AQ Group, the IPC (International Petroleum Corporation) and the Finnish had certain Restamax, but wait with Alfa Laval.

It is the advice in the June issue of the Swedish shareholders ‘ association, which was published on Thursday.

The subscription price in the crisis – and skandaldrabbade nättjänstbolaget eltel’s new issue, 16 sek, ”looks low [closing price on Wednesday: to 30:sek 40], but to throw fresh money after bad is typically not a good deal,” writes the Swedish shareholders ‘association and designates the company as a classic ”pump and dump” where all of the major banks once again proved to go all the interests of others besides just the savers’.

Industriunderleverantören AQ Group’s strong profit growth makes the share is considered to have more to give, despite the recent strong share price rise. Vinstmultiplarna is according to the Swedish shareholders ‘ association in line with the sector, which makes the share year, thanks to the space for multipelexpansion in combination with profit growth.

IPC, spun off from Lundin Petroleum, are considered to have good chances to be successful in their attempts to find oil, and the newspaper would be surprised if not share draws upward when the first acquisition is announced – something that is expected to happen pretty soon.

Finnish Restamax is expected to benefit from the brighter economic prospects and a thus a better krogkonjunktur. The share is termed as buyable, thanks to its ”appetizing” position, and the p/e ratio is calculated to be 17 for the current year and 14 the next, with the magazine’s forecasts.

The Alfa Laval share, finally, need ”something extra” to take a step up after verkstadsrallyt, but there is no Swedish shareholders ‘ association considers itself to be reckoned with. In Alfa Laval’s case, this would extra be about a rapidly rising sales in the fall. For there is no wonders of the now leaner organization, according to the newspaper, but is still to wait for a kursdipp.

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