Buy a secondary residence in France : what regions and what goods to use ? By Ben…

According to a survey OpinionWay in may 2017, 55 % of the French (source Le Figaro) have the project to acquire a secondary residence. To spend a weekend, a vacation, build an estate, or prepare for their retirement.

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And the context has rarely been as favorable for investing. Since 2008, prices have dropped 15 to 50 % (source: Challenges). With average borrowing rates are currently at 1.51 per cent (source, the window for action seems so ideal, and the opportunities legion.

All that France offers a selection of products and environments to be unrivalled in Europe. That your means are limited, or rather unlimited, as you are looking for a simple pied-à-terre or a villa with swimming pool, the mountain or the sea, in the countryside or in the city, a property waiting for you !

A secondary residence what does it do ?

Behind each search of the secondary residence hides a personal project, an investment that first responds to a desire.

Weekend in the countryside
The desire to find a house in the countryside, quiet, with a garden in less than 2 hours away. A that we will find in the regions or departments close to large French cities.

This is particularly the case with departments such as l’orne, or the Yonne, which attract many ile-de-france. Has less than 2 hours from the capital, these departments offer a framework of life and property of very good quality for average prices reasonable: € 164 000 for the Yonne and 171 000 euros for the Orne (source Observatory real estate Green-acres). Occupied a large number of weekends during the year, these vacation homes are part of the “breaths” weekly.

Heliotropism and coastline
But buy a secondary residence, this is often choose a property where one intends to spend all or part of his leave. Here, two selection criteria stand out : the proximity of the sea and the sunshine.

A trend illustrated by the Aquitaine region (18, 45 %), the Languedoc-Roussillon (14,97 %) and the PACA (10,41 %), which account for nearly 45% of the research carried out by the French (source Observatory real estate Green-acres), far ahead of the Poitou-Charentes region (6.93 per cent) and Britain (5,57 %).

Even with these criteria, France offers a wide choice of goods capable of meeting the expectations of the greatest number. If the PACA and the south-east of France are often addressed to a public made easy with an average price close to € 900,000, Aquitaine (305 000 euros) and the Languedoc-Roussillon region (327 000 euros) have prices much more accessible. And what about Brittany or Poitou-Charentes who undoubtedly offer fewer guarantees of sunshine, but where prices are still 20% to 25% lower.

House or apartment ?

If the secondary residence is often associated with the detached house with a garden, it does not remain about it less than 42% of French people prefer to opt for an apartment in the city, sometimes less expensive to buy and especially less greedy in terms of maintenance and expenses (source: INSEE). Nevertheless, the acquisition of these assets meets the same criteria for purchase as houses. Apart from the town of Vichy which arrives at the head of the “Top 10 cities for the purchase of a secondary residence in France” (source LaVieImmo), 9 cities on this ranking are in coastal cities, of which 7 are located along the coast of the mediterranean.

If the single house remains beloved by many French, the apartment has undeniable advantages. Its accessibility, services that are often associated, an environment less isolated, and well adapted, in particular in the case of an older audience. Each need corresponds to one or more properties. Studio of 28 m2 in Nice at 138 000 € magnificent 3 rooms with sea view at Théoule for… 917 000€.

You see, if you want to buy a secondary residence in France, there is not a region and a property type to focus on. The good investment is one that matches your aspirations. The richness and extraordinary variety of our regions are doing that each year tens of thousands of French citizens decide to invest, just like thousands of europeans and foreigners who succumb to the sweetness of life, the culture and heritage of our regions.

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