Businesses capital markets knowledge in developing the stock market and the employer’s representative’s cooperation,

Cooperation agreements of the Budapest stock exchange (BSE), the Employers and industrialists national Association (MGYOSZ) the companies, the capital market and financial knowledge in order to develop – communicated to the BSE told MTI on Tuesday.

The cooperation agreement, the two organisations company development are related to the activities of a number field linked to the BSE, the individual client to meet beyond the MGYOSZ events and publications also promotes the exchange one step ahead of the market strategic messages, as well as company leaders on the programme.

The release quoted Runner Peter in MGYOSZ’s president, who pointed out that the representative of the capital market development can also contribute to. He added that the economic growth engine of the Hungarian-owned businesses report, between them and up to two hundred company can be suitable for the stock appearance.

Végh Richard, the BSE’s president and ceo stated: strategy we think that more companies should be present in the stock market, the employer’s representative concluded with collaboration and help to more effectively reach them. He added that the capital market and financing knowledge by expanding the medium-sized, growth-oriented companies in the stock market funds real solution become – in the communication.

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