Brexit: Trump back on his criticisms of May and bounced off the book

The First british minister Theresa May and u.s. president Donald Trump, on July 13, 2018 to Ellesborough, to the north-west of London (Photo by Brendan Smialowski. AFP)

The pound sterling’s rise against the euro and against the dollar on Friday after Donald Trump, on a visit to the United Kingdom, is back on its criticism vis-à-vis the plan of the First british minister about the Brexit.

Around 13: 30 GMT, the british currency was worth 1,3167 dollar against 1,3103 a little earlier in the day and the euro was worth 88,40 pence against 88,63 a few hours before. By report at the close of Thursday evening, the pound remains down against the dollar and is stable against the euro.

The rebound took place during the press conference between the First british minister Theresa May and u.s. president Donald Trump, when the latter had assured not to have criticised Mrs May in an interview with the Sun, a tabloid british, appeared in the night.

With respect to the plan of leaving the european Union made the day before by the british government, he stressed that “whatever you do, I will”. It seemed to so contradict his comments published earlier in the press where he had assured that the current plan Mrs. May, who favors maintaining a close relationship with the european Union, “will kill probably” the possibility of concluding a free trade agreement with the United States.

“We agreed today that when the Uk leaves the european Union, we will seek to establish a free trade agreement (United Kingdom/United States ambitious,” added Ms. May.

The possibility for the Uk to negotiate its own agreements, in particular with the United States, has regularly been invoked by the supporters of a divorce with the european Union.

Earlier in the day, the analysts of Commerzbank (DE:CBKG) had insured expect “turbulence” on the book so that it was facing “headwinds”, commented Mr. Trump.

In the interview, the us president had also held that Boris Johnson, former british foreign secretary who resigned on Monday and a supporter of Brexit hard, would, according to him, a “great Prime minister”.

His comments have generated quite a stir in the United Kingdom, where even members of the opposition have lined up behind the prime minister.

The resignation of Mr. Johnson, who had followed that of the british minister of Brexit on the previous evening, had suddenly drop the book in the beginning of the week.

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