Brexit; exit after free to travel they could in the EU citizens to Britain

The United Kingdom’s membership of the european union on the termination of (Brexit) after free to travel they could in the island country into the EU and citizens of the british ministry of interior prepared the proposal.

The Times titled newspaper by Thursday described a plan in the in Great Britain the Brexit after maintaining in the persons free movement concerning the european union’s fundamental principle to those who are in the United Kingdom visit or want to live, system of permits would be limited but the number of people finding employment for the purposes of arriving.

The british government criticism value the fact that the european union member states Ireland and the Uk Northern Ireland between future “tough” border control is discarded by open the “back door” to Britain.

The british newspaper has learned that the ministry of the interior suggested, even the creation of the EU citizens with the “extra obstacles”, if you don’t Ireland and Northern Ireland between border, but on the other hand, ports or airports through – enter the United Kingdom.

The job search european union citizens have the opportunity to be a worker without a visa to enter – the Times, according to which, however, the government sector in determining the to be issued work permits number. Authorisation money matters up companies, to encourage them, the british workers preferred to.

The operation of the system via random inspections and the existing immigration rules would guarantee the journal.

Concerning but still there are no clear ideas, that the union workers what rights, for example, the british state health service (NHS) or social benefits access.

“Why would someone want to go in the side door if the front door can do? Always clear we were about to the public of foreign workers and segélykérők the number of controls, not the visas,” – said the newspaper a government source. Recalled to the Ireland entry to european union citizens now passport-inspection must be passed, as the United Kingdom, arrivals, one of the country members in the EU’s internal border controls is of depleting the schengen zone. The information and Dublin and London will share with each other.

The Times, according to the ministry of the interior within weeks of the conservative government, submit proposals for approval.

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