Boeing won the commercial aviation of the brazilian Embraer

This is the response of the shepherd to the shepherdess ! Boeing and Embraer have announced, Thursday 5 July, a strategic partnership between the two aircraft manufacturers. An agreement whereby the u.s. puts the hand on the activity of commercial aviation manufacturer’s brazilian. Boeing and Embraer have not dragged. They have announced their partnership after just two days, that Airbus has finalized the recovery of the CSeries program of the aircraft manufacturer, canadian Bombardier.

In practice, Boeing and Embraer will establish a joint company that will be controlled to 80 % by the american company. This co-venture will resume his account of all the civil activities past, present and future Embraer aircraft in the commercial aviation sector. In order to achieve its purposes, Boeing will have had to put hand in pocket and fork out $ 3.8 billion (3,24 billion euros) to be allotted to the activity in civil aviation of Embraer valued of $ 4.75 billion. Conversely, Airbus has taken the majority of the capital (50,01 %) Bombardier without pay. It is true that the takeover by Airbus was a rescue operation for the aircraft manufacturer, canadian already preserved for the first time of the bankruptcy by the injection of 3.4 billion euros by the canadian authorities.

Fierce commercial battle

With the resumption of this activity from Embraer, Boeing is expanding its range of devices that now covers the entire spectrum of commercial aviation, regional aircraft of 70 seats in the widebody long-haul of over 450 seats. The two partners will “position itself to offer a complete portfolio of commercial aircraft are highly complementary,” and said Boeing and Embraer. An approach similar to that of Airbus, which, seizing Bombardier can offer its client companies the broadest range of devices, from regional aircraft of 50 and 70 seats up to 800 seats available, depending on the configurations, on the very large aircraft long-haul A380.


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