BNP Paribas launches the offer FINSY, innovative solution for funding of receivables 100% digital …

BNP Paribas announces the launch of FINSY, innovative solution for financing receivables, 100% digital, accessible 24h/24 and 7D/7. This new online service is quick and simple and enhances the response of BNP Paribas to needs instant cash to SMES and ETI. Launched at the end of April, FINSY is an innovative offering in France and a complementary solution to the needs of short-term financing of its customers.

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BNP Paribas now offers to the French companies, whose turnover is greater than € 2 million, to validate remote 24h/24 and 7j/7,a one-off or regular basis, the financing of their claims short term.

Fully internalized and automated, FINSY is a complementary offering to the bank credit short-term solutions and factoring. It is based on a recognized expertise in the management of the client of BNP Paribas Factor, which ensures the management and processing of invoices.

FINSY, the financing solution is easy, constitutes a further step in the digitalization of the customer record companies domiciled in France. Via a web interface completely responsive (accessible on a smartphone, tablet and landline), Finsy brings a solution to the financing bank the short-term innovative. It allows companies to finance all or part of the invoices to their customers in a simple way, fast and flexible.

Denis Laplane, Director of Customer Business Networks in France and Member of the Executive Committee of the Retail banking in France, said : “Finsy has been created to assist our clients with their cash flow needs. This offer of funding 100 % digital, fully meets the new digital practices of our corporate clients. Simple and fast, it is perfectly in line with the transformation of our route customers and our desire to conquer new market shares in the financing of companies. ”

Bozana Douriez, Director general of BNP Paribas Factor, says : “Our goal is to ensure a streamlined customer journey and fluid while securing the lines of accounts receivables around a management completely automated. FINSY is the result of a common ambition of the Retail Bank in France and BNP Paribas Factor to strengthen the position of BNP Paribas on the financing market debt short-term. ”

About Retail banking in France BNP Paribas

In France, the Retail banking with nearly 29 000 employees serving more than 6.7 million customers, 571.000 professional clients and very small enterprises (VSES), of 30,500 enterprises (SMES, enterprises of intermediary size (ETI), large companies) and 65.400 associations. He is a leader on the market of Enterprises, and the Private Bank. Organized around lines of customers specialized in order to provide the best support, it offers a wide range of products and services, the holding of a current account up to the mounts the more experts in the field of business finance or wealth management. The teams of the Retail Bank are strongly committed to the service of the economy and all the clientele they serve within of close to 2,000 agencies and in the 305 clusters of expertise : private banking, Private Homes of the Entrepreneurs, Clusters, Innovation Centres and Business Enterprises. The Retail Bank also provides a broad presence on the social networks particularly through Facebook and Twitter. Investing continuously in innovation and quality of service, BNP Paribas has created Hello Bank!, the first bank digital natively designed for mobile use. This offer of relationship customers complete the system of online banking (contact Centres, Internet, Mobile, Net Savings/Stock market, Net Credit and Net Insurance), as well as the 6.124 automata made available to all.

About BNP Paribas Factor

In less than 24 hours, BNP Paribas Factor finance bills, companies of all sizes and sectors of activity.

Factoring is simple, fast and digital.

Subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group, all its employees to implement and offer their customers a unique experience thanks to a full range of services in France and Internationally. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, BNP Paribas Factor has been very honored to be elected among “Best Factor import-export” by FCI (Factor Chain International) containing 90 countries.

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