BMW 4 Series Convertible : the top elegance premium

BMW never compromise. Neither his DNA nor on its design… And it gives the Series 4 Cabriolet, with a roof of hard ! There remains less and less on the market, where competitors premium opt more for the roof canvas. For BMW, there was no question of ruining the design of the superb Series 4 with a convertible roof canvas which would have necessarily altered the line receding from the roof…

The roof hard, a choice taken

Regardless of whether it is more expensive, heavier, take longer to deploy… The style is not negotiable. And what a success story ! From the outside, the untrained eye there would see that the fire… The roof blends in perfectly with the bodywork thanks to a line is smooth and harmonious. Roof closed, the 4 Series Convertible is a true ode to elegance. Its grille characteristic of the brand premium is more refined to give more strength to a hood muscular and the flanks cut by edges very sporting. Open the roof, and you go to the comfort in summer without leaving the universe premium BMW.

Leather interior in this finish Luxury rod in chrome overlooking a dashboard that does not eat all of the place like the central tunnel. The controls are accessible and rather ergonomic. It regrets, however, a pattern quite a few modern, with buttons in all the sense that this is for the radio, or climate control. The vents are too classic, not to mention the meters that are not-happy not to be digitized are incredibly basic. The GPS screen also lacks the needed intuitiveness… What a pity !

A level of driving pleasure neat

Fortunately, the 4 Series Convertible makes up for it with an excellent driving pleasure. With its 326 horsepower, 6-cylinder, 3-litre offers a great driving dynamic. The overflow becomes a real pleasure thanks to its torque of 450 Nm at 5.200 rpm. The automatic transmission 8 reports adds to the comfort. In addition to this sportsmanship very secure, this BMW adds a degree of agility. A real toy !

It will, however, spend nearly 48.450 € to afford this gem… And even more so if one chooses the finish, Luxury, near 70.550 euros, excluding options… But, we are talking about a BMW ! It offers an unparalleled comfort and a design that is very elegant thanks to this roof hard very well finished. A quality become rare…

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