Blast-teaser 2 by thierry Ehrmann, founder and CEO of Artprice : a Few million or several d…

Second video teaser of 45 seconds by thierry Ehrmann in live on the prospects for the Artprice of June 2017. A few million or tens of millions of transactions?

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See the video :

For simple information, this June 9, 2017, The Figaro has established the top 30 personalities of auctions in France in 2016e where figure Artprice. The view :

Copyright thierry Ehrmann 1987/2017

About Artprice :

Artprice is listed on Eurolist by Euronext Paris, SRD long only and Euroclear : 7478 – Bloomberg : PRC – Reuters : ARTF.

Artprice is the world Leader in data banks on the listing and the showings of the Art with more than 30 million indices and sales results covering more than 647 000 Artists. Artprice Images® allows unlimited access to the largest funds in the Art Market in the world, a library consisting of 126 million images or engravings of artworks from 1700 to date, commented by its historians.

Artprice is constantly adding to its data banks from 6300 auction Houses and publishes the ongoing Market trends of the Art for the main agencies and 7200 titles of the press in the world. Artprice puts at the disposal of its 4.5 million members (member log in), the ads placed by its Members, who now make up the first Standardized Marketplace,® the world to buy and sell works of Art at fixed price or at auction (auctions are regulated by paragraphs 2 and 3 of article L 321.3 of the French code of commerce). Artprice sponsored by the BPI develops her project of Blockchain on the Art Market.

The Annual Report Artprice’s Art Market-global 2016, published in march 2017 :

The report of the Contemporary Art Market 2016 Artprice is available free of charge at the following address:

Press release ARTE : at the head of The Abode of Chaos/ Abode of Chaos dixit “The New York Times,” thierry Ehrmann, artist and founder of Artprice reveals in 9 episodes of the inner workings of the biggest outbursts of contemporary art, which guarantee certainly exhibits blockbusters

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