Bernard Tapie: the court rejects the application for judicial liquidation of companies

The commercial court of Paris has rejected Thursday the demand of liquidation of the companies of Bernard Tapie, who was sentenced to repay € 404 million received in 2008 in his dispute with Credit lyonnais, according to the judgment consulted by the AFP.

The tribunal issued its decision on the request of the public prosecutor of Paris, which called for the liquidation of holdings GBT (Group Bernard Tapie), owner of the media group, and The Provence, and of the FIBT (Financial real Estate Bernard Tapie). The public prosecutor had made this request following the rejection in April by the justice of the backup plan that spread out the repayment over six years.

The ex-businessman and former minister Bernard Tapie has declared Thursday to be “extremely happy” with the rejection of the application for liquidation of his companies, seeing this as “good news for all parties”.

“Most importantly, I am so happy compared to Provence”, the regional daily newspaper of Marseilles, of which he is the owner through the holding company GBT (Group Bernard Tapie), “a journal that is doing an amazing job and will be able to continue to work in serenity,” he rejoiced with a journalist of the AFP.

(With AFP)

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