Bercy disagrees with the tables of law from Amazon

Of course, next to the 8 billion euros of sales to Amazon in France, 10 million is fine him for Bercy seem to be well modest. The DGCCRF, the constable of the Ministry of Economy, complains that the american giant a “significant imbalance in the commercial relations” with the companies that sell on its marketplace. Fine throws a veil on the practices of the group of Jeff Bezos, especially at a time when it seeks to recruit more French SMES on its marketplace. Thus, at the end of September, at the chic Pavillon Cambon in Paris, for its first Amazon Academy in France, the king of e-commerce had invited many vendors to a day of exchanges and training in a setting worthy of a nightclub. Champagne and petits fours are offered. “Today, more than 10,000 French firms sell on our website, lance Patrick Labarre, the director of the marketplace of Amazon. And more than half of exports thanks to our offers Shipped by Amazon.” “This is not enough”, goes to Frédéric Duval, the head of the French subsidiary.

Amazon weighs twice as much as Cdiscount with 3.5 million daily visitors

This event, inaugurated by Xavier Bertrand, the president of the region Hauts de France, and sponsored by BPI France, has to erase its bad reputation of a fraudster tax. Amazon also seeks to evangelize the TPE-SMES in france, 19% of which only sell on the Internet, which places our country at the 13th place in europe. The giant of e-commerce has a vested interest to boost growth. “It’s a virtuous circle where everyone is a winner, says Philippe Corrot, co-founder of Mirakl, a publisher of solutions for the marketplace. The client, because it’s a lot more choice, the seller, because it has more traffic and the operator, as it increases his income.” In France, more than 3.5 million people visit every day the Amazon site where 250 million items are marketed. It is two times more than his immediate pursuer Cdiscount. “For 39 euros excluding tax per month and a commission of 15% on sales, a trader has access to five countries and 110 million internet users in Europe”, conducted by Patrick Labarre.

Delivery charges ultra-competitive in order to attract French SMES

Several vendors have been invited to carry the good word. As Jerome Devouge, the founder of Ready to push, which sells kits of aromatic herbs and mushrooms to cultivate at home. The young startupper is the apostle of the Amazon. “Their management tools are great,” he said. They offer a detailed reporting such as number of page views or conversion rate.” Since 2015, his business multiplies each year its sales by 5 on the market place of Amazon. These days, Ready to push launch in the United Kingdom and Germany. And again, the marketplace does wonders. “In Europe, sending a parcel with the logistics of Amazon costing us almost twice cheaper, than our own prices”, says Jérôme Devouge. And for good reason : the multinational loses more than $ 7 billion per year on this item. A deficit that it compensates for, in particular with the very profitable business of the cloud.

A requirement in terms of quality of service that passes by decisions brutal

These benefits that Amazon calls “the privileges of the seller,” have a consideration : the excellence of the service. It is the obsession of Jeff Bezos, the founder of the multinational. And it sometimes borders fundamentalism when a trader sees his account suspended on the site. “Amazon has a series of indicators such as the opinion of customers or the delivery time, tells the story of Benjamin Savreux, co-founder of Twinzee, shop for kitchen accessories on the marketplace. If one of them is bad, you disconnect, and you must submit a detailed action plan with commitments to reactivate your account.” After several suspensions, Ready to push has entrusted a portion of his stock to Amazon, which delivers from its warehouses giants.

The buyer is always right in Amazon, the seller of the marketplace learns quickly

According to Virginie Ducrot, president of Boxtal, a specialist in the delivery of packages multitransporteurs, below 150 monthly sales by item, the merchants don’t have interest to manage its logistics by Amazon. It is not cost-effective. “It is not possible to earn money if you don’t have an original offer that differentiates you vendors chinese,” says Antoine Dematté, founder of Dropy, which develops market places competing. Warranty A to Z – one of the pillars of the gospel according to Bezos – and is often the sellers at the execution. It concerns the delivery and the authenticity of the products. As the customer is always right at Amazon, it is sufficient to indicate that the order has not arrived or that the product was damaged in order to be reimbursed. And it is not even obligated to return the article. “And impossible to negotiate, since only Amazon has direct contact with the buyer”, said Marc Schillaci, chairman of Oxatis solution provider of e-commerce. The only protection for small businesses, it is therefore to be present on multiple sites.”

Sometimes difficult to understand to Amazon suspends the “privileges” of the seller

Nothing says that Amazon does not use the data to its vendors and affiliates in order to adjust its offer and its prices. “There is a Chinese wall between our sales teams and those of the market place,” says Frédéric Vidal. However, the misadventure experienced by Sportaixtrem allows us to examine this seal. This sports shop of Aix-les-Bains was recently block his account with this message : “you can’t currently sell on because you are offering articles potentially non-authentic”. Illico, the merchant sends the purchase invoice of the manufacturer of the skis in question to prove his good faith. But radio silence… “I would say that Amazon needed contact information for your suppliers to be able to sell a range of products missing from their catalog and deal direct with them”, understood on a forum Fredtheme.

As in the distribution, the dereference must be enclosed on the online marketplaces

When a seller is délisté, the verification of the account can take days, or even weeks, during which the seller is no longer paid. And nobody answers if it is software limited. During this time, the money from its sales are still blocked from Amazon. This is why the services of the repression of the frauds complain that today the group of Jeff Bezos. In the same way that the listings without prior notice, in the large distribution are prohibited.


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