Belgium: market shares end down; the BEL 20 index declined 0.38%

Belgium: The stock markets have finished the session down this Friday; the downturn in the real Estate, Pharma and biotechnology, and Media has contributed to this decline.

The best performance of the session for the BEL 20 index is to be put to the credit of the title ING Groep NV (AS:INGA) up 0.86% or 0,090 points for a closing price of 10,498. In the second position, we find Galapagos NV (AS:GLPG) that gains of 0.41% or 0,500 points for a closing to 121,700. The title KBC (BR:KBC) completes the top three with an increase of 0.33% or 0,200 points for the end of the session to 60,300.

Aperam SA (AS:APAM) sign the worst performance of the session, losing 3,03% or 0.74 points for a closing price of 23,72. Solvay SA (BR:SOLB) abandons 1,80% or 1.64 points and ends at 89,56. For its part, GBL (BR:GBLB) loose to 1.37% 1.20 points for a closing price of 86,56.

The titles in the drop exceeded the number of titles up to the Brussels stock Exchange by 74 values to 34 and 14 stable.

The securities Galapagos NV (AS:GLPG) have progressed and reached a historical high, thanks to an increase of 0.41%, equivalent to 0,500 points for a course of 121,700.

On the other hand, the gold for delivery in August lost 1.43 percent, or 20.35 points, to $1,400,55 a troy ounce. Regarding other raw materials, crude oil for delivery in August rose 0.35%, or 0.20 in points for a $57,54 the barrel, while the Brent for delivery in September gained 1,86% or 1.18 points to a course of $64,48 the barrel.

The pair EUR/USD recorded a decrease of 0.56% to 1,1221, while the pair EUR/GBP was down 0.02% to 0,8966.

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