“Become a leader or limp along, this is the alternative of the company “Google-dependent” “

Forum. In march 2018, Google has launched an experiment : provide a single answer to a given query ! The latter being identified as ” the ” appropriate response to the user. Thus, on the query ” time “, the search engine proposed a single result consisting of to display local time. This has posed severe problems in the american Time magazine, its website being temporarily displayed on a query regarding his brand !

Of course, this experience is limited to a few types of research, and only lasted for a week. But this test sounds like a serious warning : in the future, the share of traffic captured by the site through Google might drop drastically if the engine decided to provide ” his “answer, and only” his ” answer to the queries of the internet users.

Second concern, Google is looking clearly to get a place in other economic sectors as advertising. After the price comparison, directories of businesses and aggregators, ad, offensive is now launched on the online booking : from the end of 2017, Google has launched quietly a new feature allowing you to perform bookings with institutions directly from its interface.

“Booking button digital ”

Something for some hotel groups, restaurants, or professionals, but this “reservation button digital” may already be worried about the sites yet recognized as Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Allociné or Doctolib on the sustainability of their business model. The convicts will be many in the years to come, no doubt.

In deciding whether or not to turn off the current, Google is the sole arbiter of who can have the sprocket on the Canvas

Finally, the third source of concern for sites that depend on traffic from Google remains the sustainability of their seo, the real puzzle…

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