Battle around a label for the soap of Marseille

The porcelain of Limoges has earned his label of geographical indication at the national Institute of industrial property (INPI), on the 1st of December. Ten months have sufficed for the artisans of the Haute-Vienne to agree on common specifications. The granite of Brittany has also earned this certification that, since the law Hamon of 2014, assures consumers of the authenticity of a product of industry or handicraft. What will happen to the soap ? The manufacturers of this product hygiene and maintenance tear.

The association of industrial Soap of Marseille, France announced, on 5 December, want to file a case with the INPI in order to authenticate the soap, which, she said, ” is not that of marseille ! “. This association, chaired by Pascal Marchal, co-managing partner of the Soap of the Atlantic, hopes to avoid a definition “is too strict and regionalist” of the product that his company manufactures, Rezé, in the region of nantes, according to the “scientific process” of the soap, a mixture of oil and soda.

A major challenge

The Union of professionals of the Soap of Marseille, which defends the interests of four producers, including Marius Fabre, a factory founded in 1900 in Salon-de-Provence, and the soap factory Iron horse in Marseille, has filed a folder ” in December 2015 “, if annoys the person of its president, Julie Bousquet-Fabre, heir and general manager of the Soap factory Marius Fabre. Its objective : to grant the geographical indication to only the manufacturers that are installed in the Bouches-du-Rhone, ” the historical cradle of the soap of Marseille “. His case has still not progressed.

The Association of manufacturers of soap (AFSM), which for 2014, includes a dozen local businesses, had filed a dossier to the INPI. Since June 2015, she defends the idea of labelling the only industry of the region Provence-Alpes-Côte…

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