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Barracuda Sentinel protects users, companies and brands against the attacks of ‘spear phishing’, without any impact on the performance of the network.

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Paris, June 28, 2017 – Barracuda Networks, Inc. (NYSE: CUDA), a leading provider of solutions for the security and protection of data in cloud mode, announces Barracuda Sentinel, a comprehensive solution based on the artificial intelligence for the protection against the attacks of ‘spear phishing’ (phishing) and cyber fraud. Barracuda Sentinel is provided in the form of a cloud service and uses artificial intelligence to protect users, businesses and brands against the attack of spear phishing, identity theft attempts, the corruption of mail servers for embezzlement, and cyber fraud.

The attacks of ‘spear phishing’ are rapidly emerging as the threat of cyber security is the most devastating. Tens of thousands of businesses and individuals are victims, sending wire transfers and sensitive information to attackers pretending to be their boss or a trusted colleague. According to Osterman Research, although theft of identity and the corruption of mail servers are less common than attacks spear phishing or ransomware, 27 percent of organizations have encountered this type of attack in the last 12 months. The FBI has indicated that organizations have already lost $ 5 billion due to corruption of mail servers. Beyond the financial impact, these attacks have caused irreparable damage to reputations and brands. Due to the fact that they are extremely personalized, and do not generally contain or attachments or links to malicious, the solutions of the existing security cannot detect them.

Barracuda Sentinel combines three layers of powerful artificial intelligence technology, visibility on the use of domain names and training anti-fraud within a complete solution that protects against these attacks custom. Barracuda Sentinel connects directly to the communications platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365, which allows him to have immediate access to current data and past is necessary to understand the patterns of existing communications organizations and prevent identity theft attempts.

“Spear phishing is a creeping threat. This is no longer just the large companies or the leaders who must stay alert. Anyone is a potential target,” said Asaf Cidon, Vice-President of content security services from Barracuda Networks. “We see new combinations of tactics extremely custom – spoof your domain, pretending to be your boss, animate conversations convincing with your employees. In the threat environment today’s dynamic, the best defense lies in a combination of human intervention and technology. Barracuda Sentinel leverages artificial intelligence to provide to the customers – users – a complete solution for stopping the attacks, spear phishing and cyber fraud in real-time.”

The Artificial Intelligence for the real-time protection against Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud
Barracuda Sentinel is based on an artificial intelligence engine multi-layer that detects and blocks attacks spear phishing in real-time and identifies which employees are subject to the highest level of risk. Barracuda Sentinel combines two layers of classification in artificial intelligence. First, the layer of theft search identity theft attempts, by analyzing the patterns of communications of each company in order to identify discrepancies in combinations of various attributes of the message, such as sender, recipient, email address, and so on. Secondly, the layer of classification contextual inspects the body of the message to identify evidence of an attack of spear phishing, which may include sensitive content (for example, financial information or involving human resources) or a communication style abnormal. Barracuda Sentinel combines the two layers of intelligence to determine with a high degree of accuracy if an e-mail is the vector of a phishing attack.

“As shown by our investigation, identity theft and attacks for misappropriation of funds are increasing. Attackers are constantly changing their tactics to get through defenses, and are targeting more and more frequently of subordinate employees who may have access to sensitive information or have the power to authorize or make payments,” said Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research. “The ability of Barracuda Sentinel to learn the communication patterns of an organization is important for any enterprise that wishes to identify its high-risk employee, and receive full protection against these types of attacks.”

Visibility and protection against the theft of domain names
In a significant percentage of attacks from spear phishing to be successful, the attackers spoof the domain name of the company in order to impersonate one of the employees. In addition, attackers frequently exploit the theft of the domain name to send email on behalf of the company towards its customers and partners to steal their details and have access to their accounts. Barracuda Sentinel enables companies to identify fraud on their domain name, and protects against its theft by installing the function DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance). With DMARC, the organisations can control the emails sent from their domain name, ensure their delivery to legitimate and to prevent the sending of messages is not permitted. Barracuda Sentinel provides visibility and analysis, complete reports, DMARC, in order to prevent the attacks of spear phishing via the misuse of their domain name.

Training Anti-Fraud for high-risk individuals
The approach by API Barracuda Sentinel allows access progressively to the training data. The solution leverages the intelligence of his engine of ‘machine learning’ to identify high risk individuals within an organization. Once these have been identified, Barracuda Sentinel provides a set of tools for automatically and periodically to teach and test the behaviors in terms of safety of these employees by simulating attacks of ‘spear phishing’.

Direct connect API
Barracuda Sentinel is the first architecture based on APIS available on the market for the prevention of cyber fraud. Thanks to this architecture, the functionality of the solution can be easily extended beyond email to other mail platforms such as G Suite, Slack, social media, and other. The architecture for API also allows for a rapid deployment without any impact on the performance of the network, and immediate access to current data and past, which is essential for understanding patterns of communications organizations in order to be able to identify and block threats and attacks of ‘spear phishing’ in real-time.

Barracuda Sentinel is available immediately for users of Microsoft Office 365. For more information, visit

About Barracuda Networks, Inc. (NYSE : CUDA)
Barracuda (NYSE : CUDA) simplifies the computer with compatible solutions cloud that will give customers the opportunity to protect their networks, applications and data, regardless of where they live. These powerful solutions, economic and easy-to-use are used in more than 150,000 organizations worldwide and are deployed in the form of an appliance or virtual appliance, or cloud environments and hybrid. The model is customer-oriented Barracuda aims to provide it solutions on a subscription basis to high value-added, offering a network security and data protection end-to-end. For more information, visit

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