Barcelona hit-and-run; Fat László condolences of the senate and the house of representatives of the president of

Condolences Fat László, the speaker of Parliament on Thursday in barcelona terrorist attack in the Spanish house of representatives and the senate president.

The Ana Pastor house of representatives and Pío García-Escudero senate president recipient of the MTI on Friday sent condolence letter Fat László wrote, deeply shocked with he learned of the terrorist assassination, which many people their lives and many were wounded.

Stated that Hungary strongly condemn such senseless and inhuman acts, and far more will support Spain in the fight against terrorism conducted joint combat.

The speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, all members in the name of deep condolences on the assassination deceased relatives, and the wounded as soon as possible to make a full recovery desired.

Spain has a comprehensive anti-terror operations launched after a suspected jihadist in the crowd powered by a pickup truck in Barcelona on Thursday, 13 people killed. The attack that has the Islamic State calls a terrorist organization applied.

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